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Growing up in Hudson Wyoming, Dave as been fishing since he was just a few days old. Dave moved to Washington state in the mid 80's where he got his start at guided fishing on the Cowlitz and Columbia rivers. Fishing and hunting are Dave's passions so it wasn't surprising when he decided to come up to Alaska and try guiding on the Kenai River for a summer. Well...he was hooked and has never looked back. The Essert family makes their living on fishing and takes it very seriously. All of our clients leave as friends and we look forward to thier future return. Dave is the captain on both of his boats and that enables him to provide top service for our clients. If the weather is not favorable for halibut fishing he can change the schedule and go fish on the Kenai and vice versa. We don't book fishing trips and then schedule them with someone else. We only fish one group at a time, so you have one-on-one service your whole trip.

Kenai Peninsula Fishing & Lodging Packages

Dave Essert Alaska Fishing


Cell: 907-252-3894
2017 Colorado Mule Deer